Sex Crimes Defense in Flint, Michigan

Few, if any, criminal charges have the potential to destroy your life like sex crime charges. If you have been accused of, charged with, or are under investigation for a sexually-based offense, it is essential to have an experienced criminal defense attorney working to protect your reputation, your rights, and your future.

In Flint, Genesee County, and the surrounding Michigan communities, you can turn to The Law Office of Jodi L. Hemingway, PLLC to provide you with attentive service and fight to limit your exposure to the damage of a sex crime conviction.

Trial Tested Lawyer for Your Sex Crimes Defense

Jodi Hemingway defends against all types of felony sex crimes charges in Michigan, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Rape, including date rape and statutory rape
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Child molestation

She will take the time to review the facts of your case and consider all options including pre-charge negotiations, plea agreements, and going to trial. Her ultimate goal is to prevent you from becoming a registered sex offender, protecting your rights, freedom, and reputation from the damage of a sex crimes conviction.

If you are facing sex crime charges, talking to law enforcement may not be in your best interests

If investigators come knocking, your best course of action is to save your talking for a criminal defense attorney. You have nothing to gain and much to lose by speaking to them. As tempting as it is to stand up for yourself and set the record straight, anything you say can be and likely will be used to build a case against you.

Put an Assertive Sex Crime Defense Attorney on Your Side

Everything is on the line when you face sex crimes charges; you cannot afford to be without an experienced advocate who has succeeded in these high-stakes cases. Contact The Law Office of Jodi L. Hemingway, PLLC to schedule a consultation.

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The Law Office of Jodi L. Hemingway, PLLC, works to protect its clients’ futures, helping them find solutions that minimize the damage criminal charges can do to their personal and professional lives. It also helps clients with many post-judgment issues.

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