Child Protective Services

Defending Against Child Protective Services

Michigan laws go to great lengths to protect parents’ rights, but if a parent is accused of child abuse or neglect, those protections may seem to dissolve. Child Protection Services (CPS) takes child abuse seriously and acts quickly to remove children from parents or other adults. The urgency with which they act can lead to unlawful treatment of parents.

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If you are being investigated by CPS, or if CPS has initiated child protective proceedings, it is critical to enlist the services of a knowledgeable attorney who can advocate on your behalf. Prompt action is important. Call 810-237-1200 or use the online contact form on this website to schedule a meeting.

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Protecting Your Parental Rights

CPS must initiate an investigation within 24 hours of receiving a report of child abuse or neglect. It can coordinate an investigation with law enforcement officials or conduct its own investigation. In some cases, parents who are trying to cooperate with the authorities have their children removed from the home without due process.

If CPS feels its investigation reveals any evidence of abuse or neglect, it may require the family to participate in mandatory courses and request the family division of the local family court to take jurisdiction over the case. In cases, where it feels there is evidence of serious physical or sexual abuse, CPS may seek termination of parental rights. A hearing is scheduled, and a judge will determine whether this should occur.

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