Strong, Smart Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of a crime, you need to get to work building your defense as soon as possible with the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

The Law Office of Jodi L. Hemingway, PLLC, in Flint, Michigan, helps people defend their rights, their freedom and their futures in cases involving homicide, sex crimes, robbery, theft, domestic violence, drug charges and drunk driving. The law firm also has extensive experience helping juvenile defendants to protect their futures.

Family And Domestic Relations Law

In addition to criminal defense, attorney Jodi L. Hemingway also helps people with divorce, child custody and other issues in family and domestic relations law. These cases can be difficult for everyone involved, but Ms. Hemingway works with her clients to make sure they are not harder than they need to be on children. She works with clients to develop long-lasting solutions that respect her clients' rights, protect their children and give them the tools they need to build brighter futures.

Ms. Hemingway's mix of practice areas also gives her insight into the best strategies for clients whose legal issues combine criminal and family law. For example, she is skilled in juvenile criminal defense and has experience representing people seeking protective orders to prevent domestic violence, as well as parents accused of child abuse or neglect.